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Flash Radio FM is Proudly Hosted by Guven Technology.

Radio Hosting PackagesThe web hosting and the radio hosting of Flash Radio FM are proudly hosted by Guven Technology. Flash Radio offers 10 different radio channels that provide love songs, 1980s songs, metal songs, Latin music, classical music and so much more.Β  Nowadays, it’s very easy for homemakers and companies to create their own internet radio station. At Guven Technology we can provide you with your custom WordPress page where you can have your own site and we can help you build your website with DIY tools or we can help you to get the best webpage for your internet radio. We will provide you with free web hosting for your radio webpage.

Then we can open you a radio hosting account where you can start streaming either a live stream or a recorded stream from your computer. Also if you wish you can just use our Auto DJ function in your radio hosting server or Shoutcast Hosting Server and you can just upload your music or your audio programs and the AutoDj will play them either in shuffle mode or consecutively for your wish.

Hence, when you get a radio package from us:

  • You can avail of free web hosting
  • We can give you a one to three-page website with player to play your radio station
  • You will get a free player for your station
  • You will get radio hosting for your online radio channel
  • You will get 24&7 support to get your radio station off the ground

Remember that while there are many free or cheap radio hosting solutions on the internet, they either don’t give you a complete solution or don’t provide 24&7 support. As Guven Technology we have been providing you with web hosting, dedicated servers, radio hosting, and video streaming hosting since 2004.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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