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In the 21st century, many people will agree that media has become more powerful and relevant than ever throughout the world. Whether it’s for watching the news or for creating entertainment value, tv stations and tv broadcasting continue to be the main dynamo of the media sector. While there are many TV stations across the world, if you have the right niche for your TV station, it’s possible to create a TV station from scratch and to setup a broadcast tv station.

Broadcast Technology ConsultancyNaturally, a tv station has many components that need to be planned and set up. The core of the tv station will be its studio where many of its programs will be made and of course, the control room which controls the broadcast for best results. All of these will have a certain cost and depending upon the quality of the broadcast equipment, the budget may differentiate vastly. If you ask how much does it cost to create a new tv station, then While it’s possible to create a TV broadcast station for a few hundred thousand dollars, it can also be created for a couple of million dollars. Some of the factors would be the type of cameras used and their quantity (more cameras will allow you to tape the program at different angles and views), the sound equipment quality and quantity, the control equipment, and other items such as the lighting and the decoration of the studio. In addition, setting up video walls on the background of the studio as well as green screens may also lead to some expenses.

However, it must be noted that a properly setup tv station can have its own niche and start earning money from day 1 through advertising revenues.

As Guven Technology, we have had the experience of setting up TV stations all across the world. Feel free to contact us for TV & Radio broadcasting solutions.

You can see the budget below for setting up a medium level tv station for a channel that we set up in Eastern Europe. Click for a sample International TV Station Setup CostΒ offer.

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