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What is Shoutcast Streaming? How to Stream Your Radio with Shoutcast?

Shoutcast streaming is especially useful if you want to stream your own online radio or if you want to stream audio at high quality. We can beat any price for customized streaming solutions. Just ASK US.

cheap shoutcast stream hostingShoutcast is a Streaming Media Technology solution that allows broadcasting audio over the internet just like traditional television and radio broadcasts. Listeners can tune in through any media player: Shoutcast’s underlying technology for broadcasting audio is MPEG Layer 3 (also known as MP3), which can be used to stream audio effectively in a live situation. It can also be used to deliver on-demand audio for archived broadcasts and is compatible with the new AACPlus standard technology. StreamWebSolutions recommends Shoutcast Streaming Hosting Technology as it is compatible with all major media players available today. You can easily stream your radio or stream your event live.

Mobile Shoutcast StreamingYour listeners can play any StreamWebSolutions Shoutcast live audio stream through mobile devices using only their phone’s own media player; no external app or additional mobile software is required. Anyone can listen in high-quality stereo on almost any phone with an internet connection! After signing up, we will provide you with a mobile page with customized streaming links suited for the following devices: RIM BlackBerryAndroidiPhoneiPadiPodNokia (Symbian OS).

You can choose the package that fits your needs at our Sales Site. Your Shoutcast audio streaming account will be opened automatically after confirmation of your order.

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