Many people who wish to stream an audio or to have their own internet radio are confounded with many different solutions that are available to them. It is possible to use classic audio streaming solutions such as Shoutcast or Icecast for radio streaming, but also now more modern methods such as Wowza streaming is available. Although Wowza streaming is mainly used for the streaming of video files, its also possible to use the software to just stream an audio. While Wowza audio streaming is possible, it can be a more expensive option due to Wowza’s high license costs. If you already have Wowza on your server for video streaming, then it may make sense to use it for your audio channel as well. However, if you are only going to stream audio, then it may be a better idea to stream using Shoutcast stream, which is an old but reliable way of streaming.

You can use Shoutcast streaming through WhmSonic packages which is best suited for audio streaming and online radio streaming.

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