You can create your own online radio station in 10 minutes

Shoutcast hosting packagesNowadays, it has become easier than ever to create your own online radio station using Shoutcast streaming. If you have your pre-recorded audio content ready, then it’s just a matter of signing up for a radio hosting account or audio streaming account and then you can start streaming right away. You can either stream a playlist or you can do a live audio stream. This video explains the steps involved in streaming a recorded or a live audio stream and what software to use. This is an introductory video to show the steps in creating your own audio stream and playing it to your listeners in a matter of minutes. You can contact me if you want me to walk you through the steps and there will be further videos and how to create your audio stream or how to stream to Shoutcast, how to use the Winamp Shoutcast plugin and how to embed a player for your Shoutcast stream. Please do contact me for help or take a look at audio streaming options at We do provide fully managed support for your station 24&7. Feel free to subscribe to the channel for free support.

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