One of the problems that many server managers and dedicated server owners face is the high CPU loads that can create problems for the efficient operation of the server. Ideally, the maximum load of the server should be equal to the number of virtual and functional cores in your server. So if you have an 8 core server, for example, your load should not exceed 8.

However, due to inefficient software or sites that receive too many hits or due to sites that use a lot of SQL, it may become possible for your server to get overloaded and your CPU load to jump to high numbers.

There are various ways to overcome CPU load in servers:

  • Reduce the SQL queries on your website or software
  • Increase the server’s hardware capacity
  • Use CpNginx to create more efficiency in your server
  • Use Dynimizer if your main CPU load is from MySQL usage

If your server is overloading, you can contact us at [email protected] to get a free advice on what needs to be done or you can buy CpNginx or Dynimizer with full support from us.

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