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Internet TV BroadcastingNowadays it has become easier than ever to stream your video content online so that people can watch your online streams. You can either stream prerecorded content or you can send a live stream from your computer. Of course, the first step is to make sure that you sign up for video broadcasting account or video streaming account. Starting with a package that offers 100 viewers is a good place to start. Once you have signed up for your account and received your username and password, you can see the RTMP stream name and the stream key. You can use encoder software such as Adobe Flash Media Encoder or OBS Studio to upload and stream your content live. You can also create playlists on your computer and stream these video playlists or you can create a VOD account (Video on Demand) where you upload your videos to the server and then your viewers can pick and choose which video they want. You can even give restricted membership access to your videos like Netflix. You can embed the player code to your website (your streaming host will provide you with the embed code) and anyone can view it.

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