Cheap Shoutcast PackagesWith the advance of technology, conversely, the concept of having an online radio has become more important since it allows everyone to express their music taste as well as online news and contemporary programs. While many may argue that podcasts do the same, there is something special about having an old fashioned radio.

Now with the advances in Radio Shoutcast and Radio Hosting Technology, you can have your online shoutcast radio or online radio in minutes. All you need is a computer to upload your files, radio hosting account and a radio streaming service. At Guven Technology, we have combined all of them into one and we can provide you with detailed packages that allow you to start streaming your online radio in minutes. If you want to send live music from a list on your PC, you can easily use WinAmp for broadcasting your online radio or Butt in your MacBook. Both WinAMP and Butt can be used to stream your online radio from your computer to our servers and from our servers your audience can listen from across the world. We will also provide you with a player for your radio station and even place it on your site. If you don’t have a site, we can provide a free site as a placeholder for your radio player or we can design you a professional site as well.

You can see our online radio 1980s FM which plays 1980s and 1990s music and love songs and pop songs at:

Guven Radio – 1980s FM

You can contact us for help or see our online radio hosting packages at:

Audio Streaming

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