How to Create and Setup a Broadcast TV Station?

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In the 21st century, many people will agree that media has become more powerful and relevant than ever throughout the world. Whether it’s for watching the news or for creating entertainment value, tv stations and tv broadcasting continue to be the main dynamo of the media sector. While there are many TV stations across the world, if you have the… Read More

Flash Radio FM is Proudly Hosted by Guven Technology

Radio Hosting Packages
Flash Radio FM is Proudly Hosted by Guven Technology. The web hosting and the radio hosting of Flash Radio FM are proudly hosted by Guven Technology. Flash Radio offers 10 different radio channels that provide love songs, 1980s songs, metal songs, Latin music, classical music and so much more.  Nowadays, it’s very easy for homemakers and companies to create their… Read More

What is Included in Video Streaming Hosting?

With online video streaming or TV streaming, you can select from our video streaming hosting packages or you can contact us for a custom package for your needs. Tell us how many listeners that you want and at what bandwidth. Now you are ready to create your own online channel. If you have a better offer let us know and… Read More

What is Shoutcast Streaming?

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What is Shoutcast Streaming? How to Stream Your Radio with Shoutcast? Shoutcast streaming is especially useful if you want to stream your own online radio or if you want to stream audio at high quality. We can beat any price for customized streaming solutions. Just ASK US. Shoutcast is a Streaming Media Technology solution that allows broadcasting audio over the internet… Read More

Cybersecurity Tips for Protecting Your Website Against DDOS Attacks and Hacking Attacks

Cybersecurity has become very important across the world as many websites globally are under attack and can break down or be exploited. Especially DDOS attacks can be debilitating for websites. Hence, DDOS mitigation and ensuring cybersecurity for your website is important and even small website owners can take some steps to protect their website such as using Cloudflare, updating their… Read More

Dedicated Server Tips: How to Choose the Right Dedicated Server

Choosing your dedicated server can be very important for your website, your data as well as your company. You have a responsibility to your visitors and clients to safeguard their personal data and to make sure your digital server environment is protected. This video gives tips on how to choose the right dedicated server and some important points such as… Read More

How to Create Your Own Online TV Station or Video Streaming Channel in 10 Minutes?

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Nowadays it has become easier than ever to stream your video content online so that people can watch your online streams. You can either stream prerecorded content or you can send a live stream from your computer. Of course, the first step is to make sure that you sign up for video broadcasting account or video streaming account. Starting with… Read More

How to Create Your Online Radio Station in 10 Minutes?

You can create your own online radio station in 10 minutes Nowadays, it has become easier than ever to create your own online radio station using Shoutcast streaming. If you have your pre-recorded audio content ready, then it’s just a matter of signing up for a radio hosting account or audio streaming account and then you can start streaming right… Read More

How to Choose the Best Possible Webhosting for Your Company?

Webhosting is a very important concept as its essential for your website to be up and running. This would involve many criteria such as speed, efficiency, security as well as support. This video is the thoughts of an engineer who has used servers and webhosting for more then 20+ years. He describes the several criteria and why they are important.… Read More

You Can Create Your Online Home Internet Radio in Minutes

With the advance of technology, conversely, the concept of having an online radio has become more important since it allows everyone to express their music taste as well as online news and contemporary programs. While many may argue that podcasts do the same, there is something special about having an old fashioned radio. Now with the advances in Radio Shoutcast… Read More