How to Choose the Best Possible Webhosting for Your Company?

Webhosting is a very important concept as its essential for your website to be up and running. This would involve many criteria such as speed, efficiency, security as well as support. This video is the thoughts of an engineer who has used servers and webhosting for more then 20+ years. He describes the several criteria and why they are important.… Read More

The Benefits of Using Cloudflare in your Website

Cloudflare Partner
We have been a Cloudflare partner since 2015, where we make it easy for you to enable CloudFlare on your account to take advantage of the benefits that CloudFlare offers. If you arenโ€™t using CloudFlare on your hosting account, here are some reasons why you should: 1. Increase in Site Performance We use the best quality hardware and network available,… Read More

How to Choose Between a VPS and a Dedicated Server?

Summary: If you have more than one website or if you are providing web hosting services, then you may be in need of a server. There are two types of servers and one would be Virtual Private Server and the second would be a Dedicated Server. Naturally, their costs would be different, but their performances and their functionality would also… Read More